Top 4 Signs of Dirty Fuel Filter

A fuel filter is responsible for sifting out the debris and other contaminants that may be in your fuel tank. It does this cleaning process before the fuel is transferred to the engine for burning. In fact, most engine-related problems stem from poorly maintained fuel filters. To prevent costly engine repairs down the line, please remember to change your fuel filter as per recommended by our automaker. 


Below are 4 symptoms of a bad fuel filter to be on the lookout for:


Car Starting Issues

Trouble with car starts can be caused by a variety of issues, including a dead battery and a clogged fuel filter. It is important that you have this properly diagnosed ASAP to avoid getting stranded. 


Engine Stalling

If your vehicle comes to a standstill for no reason, it is stalling. Since a clogged filter hinders consistency with the fuel flow, it can majorly impact your car’s performance. If your car starts and stops randomly, please have your fuel filter checked out.


Loud Sounds Coming From the Fuel Pump

A noisy fuel pump is a major indication that something is wrong with your fuel system (and possibly fuel filter). These noises can be translated as your engine crying for help. To ensure clean fuel flows through the pump, please exchange your fuel filter.


Fuel System Failure

The effectiveness of a fuel pump, injectors, and more are heavily reliant on the effectiveness of the fuel filter. If your filter is dirty, then all these parts will overwork themselves to deliver fuel to the engine.


The fuel filter is often underlooked, yet it is one of the most sensitive parts of the fuel system. To spare yourself from extensive engine repairs down the line, please remember to change your fuel filter.


If you experience any of the warning symptoms above, we invite you to give K’s Autohaus a call or visit today!