What Causes Oil Leaks In BMWs?

BMWs are all in all great luxury cars to own, but one prevalent problem they can sometimes face is oil leaks. At K's Autohaus, we often see people taking engine oil leaks too lightly. They tend to look past the puddle stain underneath their BMW or top off their oil and continue to go about their day; this is where the mistakes start to spiral. Instead, it would be best to always take your BMW to a trusted auto repair shop like K's Autohaus.


One of the most important things you need for your BMW is engine oil. Your vehicle needs clean and fresh oil to optimize your BMW's engine and its performance. Your vehicle also requires oil to keep your engine parts clean and minimize friction. With such a vital role for your motor, you need to have a leak diagnosed and treated by our ASE-certified technicians as soon as possible. Below are some of the most common causes of oil leaks in BMWs:

  • Clogged or old oil filter
  • Loose or damaged filler cap
  • Worn out gasket or seal
  • Damaged oil pan 
  • Poorly done oil change (adding too much oil)

The truth is that you should never ignore any fluid leak in your vehicle, especially engine oil. Even the tiniest leak can be a sign of a much bigger problem and lead to more serious issues later on, so you must take your BMW to an auto repair shop as soon as you spot a leak. Our certified technicians at K’s Autohaus will conduct a comprehensive inspection to find the exact cause of the oil leak. Luckily, most causes of oil leaks are relatively easy to repair with replacement parts unless the leak has spread damage to other regions. 


If you notice an oil leak around your parked BMW, please reach out to our team. We welcome you to bring your vehicle to K's Autohaus for an oil leak inspection and repair in Humble, TX. You'll have peace of mind knowing you aren't furthering damages to your engine or other systems.